Advice by the pyrotechnicians of Bofi Fireworks to ensure a New Years eve that’s as nice and safe as possible for everyone



Read the manual

In the manual you'll find information on positioning of the product, firing direction and viewing direction.


Avoid alcohol

You have a big responsibility when lighting firework. Don't drink alcohol before the show.


Don't light damaged firework

When firework is damaged or not (completely) lit, disarm it with water and discard it as regular waste.

Make New Years eve unforgettable. Follow our advice and be considerate of others.


Wear safety glasses

Firework that goes up, comes down in small pieces. Always wear safety glasses when you're lighting firework or watching it. Even if you wear normal glasses. These don't cover your eyes completely, and are insufficiently protective. We advise not to wear nylon clothes, but for instance cotton or wool. Also, clothes with a big hoodie or loose pockets, and loose shoes are not advised.

Bofi vuurwerk Aansteker

Use a fuse

Straighten the fuse of the product before lighting. Light the fuse of the product at the tip with a separate fuse or a lighter with a precision flame. This way, you'll have enough time to move away at a safe distance. Always light firework with a straight or lightly bended arm.

Vuurwerk Afval Zaandam

Discard your firework waste

Cleaning your firework waste is a good start of the new year. This way, the streets will be free of firework that has been lost in the dark or has not been lit, and you'll prevent litter and annoyance. We do this for the safety of our children and a better environment.


01. When can I light firework?
Category F1 firework, such as sparklers, can be lit year-round. Category F2 firework should only be lit from December 31st 6 p.m. until January 1st 2 a.m.

02. Can I order firecrackers and rockets?
For a safer assortment of firework there’s a national ban on selling firecrackers, rockets and single shots since 2020. Moreover, possession is illegal. This way, we keep the tradition safe for everyone.

03. When can I collect my order?
Handing out of firework (Category F2) is only allowed the last three days of the year, except when one of these days is a Sunday. This year the opening days will be December 29th, 30th and 31st.

04. Can I combine multiple orders?
Do you have a second order due to an attractive discount? Select the same moment of collection, and we’ll make sure both orders will be ready for you.

05. Do you sell firecracker nitrates?
Firecracker nitrates, Cobra 6, 100.000 bangers, and similar firework is illegal in the Netherlands. We only sell the most beautiful fountains, compounds and cakes for a festive New Years eve for everyone.